Malaysia gets a new airline

It’s been a bad run for Malaysian aviation, but here’s a bit of good news. Soon, we’ll have one more airliner to pick from when flying around the region. The Malaysian government has announced the launch of the oddly named Flymojo, a new privately owned aircraft carrier that will be plying both domestically and around the region.

The carrier will be based primarily in Johor’s Senai International Airport, making it the first airliner to be using Senai as its HQ with its secondary base set to be in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The company scores another first with its choice of planes. Apparently, it has signed a deal with Canadian planemakers Bombardier for 20 super modern CS100 single-aisle planes that seats up to 149, making them the first in the region to operating these planes.

Watch this space for more updates.