Melbourne’s cutting edge arts event Next Wave Festival to take place in April

Melbourne’s month-long biennale celebration of cutting edge arts and culture, Next Wave Festival, is back in April for its 30th anniversary, this year named the New Grand Narrative.

Over 28 days, 40 world premieres and 239 artists will be showcased, among the curated collection of ambitious, risky and surprising new art, including performance, dance, visual art and sound art.

Emily Sexton, artistic director says: “Next Wave is renowned for creating an irresistible artistic whirlwind that is impossible to ignore and completely unique in Australia. Audiences will talk about, see and do things at Next Wave Festival that just don’t happen anywhere else.”

Over 40 never-before-seen projects will be held in theaters, galleries, laneways, private homes and surprising spaces around Melbourne. Highlights include the events initiative BLAK WAVE, combining eight new art projects, a series of talks and a new publication that all explore the future of Australia’s indigenous people, and Climax, two immersive weekends of curated morning-to-night arts programs.

The festival will take place from April 16 to May 11 at various venues across Melbourne. Ticket prices vary between events. You can find out more about the festival and buy tickets online.

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