New travel meet-up websites and apps available for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here and there are a slew of travel meet-up websites—like Meet at the Airport and Invite for a Bite—as well as apps such as Banjo and Highlight, which launched in the last year to help you find love.

The most direct of the lot is, which will help you find anything from serious relationship to a travel friend through dating site-like profiles including your age, body type and photos.

For ladies just looking for friends, www.inviteforabite is a little less intrusive. You get to post ideas for meet-ups on the site—at a location and time of your choosing—whether you are at home or abroad.  

Then, there are new location-sharing technology apps like Highlight, which notify you if other people with the app are in your vicinity (with their profile including their name, photos and any mutual friends).  Plus, check out Banjo, which scans your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts for location notifications, matching you up with acquaintances that might be at the same place at the same time.