Ogle at stylish hotels on the go with the revamped Smith Hotels booking app

Award-winning boutique hotel website Mr and Mrs Smith has just revamped their Smith Hotels app,

What makes this particular booking app different, then? For one, it has a cool interface—the app is divided into three sections, namely Tempt Me (a scroll-through list of the most popular hotels in the world), Destinations (where users can search hotels by city, country or popularity) and Collections (where users can browse categories like Budget, Gourmet and more). There’s also a Favorites function that enables you to build your own hotel wishlist, 24/7 phone booking support, a smart currency converter (so you don’t have to rack your brains doing mental sums), access to members-only discounts and special offers, and more. And if you’re not planning on going anywhere, you can still ogle at the stunning images of more than 900 boutique hotels around the world—they’re sure to fuel your wanderlust tenfold.

The app is tailored for iOS users, and it’s available for free on the App Store, or at www.mrandmrssmith.com/app. Plus, the Smiths are holding a giveaway through April 28—make a mobile booking on the app and you’ll stand a chance to have one night of your trip fully paid for. Now, that’s incentive to download now.