Online travel agency Ctrip may make travel bookings a breeze

One of the largest online travel agencies has expanded its presence in South East Asia. Ctrip focuses on travel services in China, including accommodation reservations, transport ticketing and packaged tours. 

So if you’ve ever thought that booking a ticket to get around China was a pain, you can now capitalize on their international database of over 800,000 hotels, 5,000 flights and 1,000 different packaged tours. The website is like a TripAdvisor of sorts with tabs dedicated to hotels, flights and trains where you can view the most popular places to stay, round-trip travel deals and compare prices. It’s also pretty handy at gauging average room rates in various Chinese cities.

The website has a pretty comprehensive selection for cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, but also has selected listings on less-known places like Sanya, Xi’an and Guilin. Plus, you can even view international destinations as far as Paris, London and Milan, as well as something closer to home like Bangkok and Manila.