Philippine carrier Cebu Pacific launches “Search for the Juan Blogger” contest

Philippine carrier Cebu Pacific has launched the “Search for the Juan Blogger” contest calling for bloggers in Singapore and Malaysia to create safety-related dance videos.

To win, participants have to come up with moves similar to the ones Cebu Pacific’s flight attendants perform (see video below). The submission period ends March 15 and the winner will be announced on April 2.

The prize recipient, called the “CEB Juan Blogger,” will get flight tickets to two to four destinations in the Philippines with two nights’ accommodation at each destination (from, and US$500 (S$618) travel allowance per trip (from VISA).

Destination options include any of the 30 places that Cebu Pacific flies to direct from Singapore or Kuala Lumpur: capital Manila, Cebu, with its white sand beaches, historic Clark and Iloilo, famed for the colorful Dinagyang Festival.

There will also be nine other video-creators who will win a pair of tickets each from Singapore to Iloilo or from Kuala Lumpur to Cebu.

Find out more at the Cebu Pacific Facebook Page.