India gets a new upmarket airline

Planning a trip to India? People say you need at least a year to do it any justice. But, unless you get a mammoth sabbatical, you may want to take note of India’s new domestic airline, Vistara. Unlike India’s other low-cost domestic carriers, Vistara is more upmarket and is also the first in India to dedicate a section of the plane to premium economy class. Just think of all that extra legroom and space, plus it comes with winged leather headrests and individual coat hook. Based in Delhi, its first flight is set to take off on Jan 9, 2015 and destinations include Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Also on the cards are India hotspots like Goa, Hyderabad and Bangalore. 

Checking in will also be a fuss free experience with web and mobile check-in options and auto check-in facilities at the airport. Also on offer is an exciting in-flight dining menu with dishes rotating every week. Customers can also pick from 17 special meals for those with special dietary requirements.

Tickets are now available on their website