Singapore Airlines launches low-cost carrier Scoot

Singapore now has a fourth carrier to call its own – Scoot. Not Scoot Airlines, Air Scoot or anything else, simply Scoot. 
The new airline commences operations in mid-2012 with a fleet of four Boeing 777-200s, and will start with routes of 10 hours and under to destinations in China and Australia. No specific cities or additional countries have been identified as yet, but they are assessing all possibilities. The airline intends to expand its fleet to 14 aircraft by 2015, which includes Boeing 777-200 ERs capable of flying for up to 13 hours. This will bring destinations in Europe, Africa and the Middle East within Scoot’s reach.
Scoot promises fares up to 40% lower than those offered by full-fare airlines, more spacious seating than your average budget carrier and, as suggested by its launch at Yello Jello in Clarke Quay, a fun, different flying experience.
Scoot is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore Airlines. Some of its core team-members have ties to the flag carrier including its CEO and Heads of Flight Operations, Safety, Security Quality & Environment (SSQE) and Engineering, so you can expect the same level of safety, reliability and service associated with its parent company.
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