Survival guide to Songkran in Thailand

[Sponsored] As April approaches, Thailand gears up for the Thai New Year, aka Songkran that’s famous for its street parties, water splashing and general revelry. If you’re planning a trip to Thailand, it’s a great time to be a part of traditional ceremonies and do some fantastic street photography (mind the splash, though). Here are five of our top tips to help you get through the festival in one piece. 
1 Know the backstory. Songkran is the Thai New Year. Despite all the parties, there is a solemn aspect to the festival involving alms giving, temple visits and paying respect to elders.
2 Adjust your expectations. If you’re leaving the room during Songkran, you will get wet—over and over. If you get splashed while walking down the street, take it in stride. Dress casually and have a good time. As the Thais say, “sabai sabai”.
3 Protect your essentials. The less you carry the better. Do what the locals do and seal your smartphone and cash in a small ziplock or sandwich bag.
4 Refuel. You may think that being wet all day will keep you cool. But it’s peak summer in April, so be sure to stay hydrated, especially if you’re drinking.
5 Know your limits. Public drinking and water splashing are not permitted in indoor areas such as malls and stores. If someone asks you not to splash them, listen. You’d want them to do the same for you.
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