Want to swim with Australia’s whale sharks? Here’s where to sign up.

There’s more to do than just hanging out with kangaroos and kicking back in parks in Western Australia. We’re talking about taking a dip with the world’s largest fish: the whale sharks. Despite the fearsome name, whale sharks don’t pose a threat to us in the least; they’re filter feeders and feed on tiny plants and sea animals. Every year, from March to August, these giant creatures migrate to Western Australia’s Ningaloo Reef town, Exmouth (a two-hour flight from Perth), to feed on plankton and krill.

This year, the whale shark season kicks off with a free festival happening from May 21-24. There’ll be movies under the star and live music by Australian rock, soul and funk musician Morgain Bain & The Swoop and folk singer James Abberley.

To swim with whale sharks, tours start from AUD$385 ($410) and includes wetsuits, video footage of your whale shark experience, kayaking equipment, stand up paddle boarding gear, lunch and a glass of bubbly. To book a tour, go here, or if you want to find out more about whale shark season, head here.