The Rediscover Thailand campaign will utilise Thai AirAsia’s Singapore-Thailand routes to entice millennials and young couples to visit the country and experience a wider range of attractions

It’s no secret that as Singaporeans, we love our quick getaways to Thailand – so much so that we almost expect to bump into familiar faces while holidaying in Bangkok itself. For the past couple of years, Due to the global pandemic, many of us have been painstakingly suppressing withdrawal symptoms and the urge to just zip off to the Land of Smiles.

After what felt like forever, the Tourism Authority of Thailand has finally announced that they are now ready to welcome tourists through their borders. In partnership with Thai AirAsia, they’ve embarked on the Amazing New Chapter: Rediscover Thailand Get ready to go to Thailand campaign in a bid to reignite the country’s tourism.



Officially announced just last week, the campaign aims to entice millennials and young couples to start planning their Thailand retreats.

As a key visitor source market for Thailand, Singaporeans have consistently produced amongst the highest number of travellers to the kingdom – even after this extended period of pandemic measures.



This Rediscover Thailand campaign is also just one of a series of joint promotional activities that the TAT Singapore Office is working on. Utilising Thai AirAsia’s Singapore-Thailand routes, the campaign expects to see over 3,000 Thailand-bound seats taken up by millennials and young couples over the next two months.

TAT’s latest efforts also spotlight activities in Thailand to engage in and lesser-known Thai tourist attractions that are no less captivating in what they have to offer than their more famous counterparts.


Find out more about what Thailand has to offer and their latest campaigns on TAT’s official website here.