There will be a fun fishing festival in South Korea next January

Want a watered-down Man Vs Wild winter holiday? Then you may want to head to the Hwacheon Sancheoneo (Mount Trout) Ice Festival from Jan 9-31 to try your hand at ice fishing at the Hwacheoncheon Stream and five other areas in the Hwacheon-gun. This fest was also dubbed one of the “Seven Wonders of Winter” by CNNGo, so it may be worth chicking out.

All you have to do is to drill a hole in the ice to catch Sancheoneo Mountain trouts in the river, although previous years, there have been fishing pits, where people jump in (in the freezing cold, no less) to catch a fish with their bare hands. There is the option of grilling, stewing or even having your catch raw. 

But if you think you have bigger fish to fry (sorry, not sorry), you can also try ice sledding, bobsledding or ice climbing in this wintry landscape.

Korean Air flies directly to Seoul for about $791, you can get to the Hwacheon area by bus from Seoul’s Gwangjin-gu area. Prices for the journey are upon request.