There’s a free app that helps you find the best currency exchange rates

We’ve all been there–midway through traveling, you run out of currency and spend quite a bit of your vacay time trying to look for a good money changer. Now, there’s a free app that does it for you.

Created by Malaysian startup Intuitive AssetCurrenseek is downloadable on Android phones (an iOS version will be available soon). After you download it, key in your location, the types of currency you would like to exchange, and the app will show you the best places within a walking or a driving distance. Right now, the app changes US dollars, Great Britain pounds, the Australian and Singapore dollars, the Euro, Chinese Yuan, Korean Won, Japanese Yen and the Indonesian Rupiah.

The data is gathered from many FOREX exchanges and even through the startups’ personal network to ensure accuracy.

Interested? Download it here for free.