Top 7 places to check out in Italy

Italy is a place rich in culture, sights, and food. Its vast geography is filled with endless places to explore; it is almost impossible to see them all. However, fear not because here is a list of the must-see places in beautiful Italy.

The Colosseum

, Top 7 places to check out in Italy

What to do when in Rome? Visit the Colosseum, of course. The Colosseum is a place rich with Italian history where movies such as Sparta come to life. The world-renowned amphitheatre has its thousands of seats still intact since 70 A.D. Join a guided tour to learn more about the captivating lives of gladiators, common folk, and royalty.

Trevi Fountain

, Top 7 places to check out in Italy

How can one say they have been to Rome if they did not visit the stunning Trevi Fountain? This beauty located in the Quirinale district of Rome is worth visiting not only for its detailed architecture, but it also provides a glimpse of how people retrieved water back then as it is the oldest water source in Rome. However tempting it might be to fish coins out of the fountain, though, that is considered a crime so keep your hands to yourself. But, it never hurts to make wish there. All coins go to charity.


, Top 7 places to check out in Italy

The lost city of Pompeii in southern Italy was only recently discovered in 1748, and it will open your eyes to a new civilization that had been forgotten for centuries. The city buried under ashes has finally seen light. Pompeii’s awe-inspiring ruins will bring you back in time to live the lives of these people from long ago.

Cinque Terre

, Top 7 places to check out in Italy

Among the most magnificent coastal scenery in the world, Cinque Terre can only be described as the Garden of Eden on Earth. The five fishing villages, each with their own unique touch, will ingrain itself in your mind long after you leave. Grab a boat ride to travel from one village to another, soak up some rays, and eat yummy pizzas. It is a great place to clear your mind and breathe in some fresh air.

Lake Como

, Top 7 places to check out in Italy

Lake Como has been a hot-spot among tourists, thanks to its incredibly scenic views. The gardens and museums at Lake Como offer an escape from the stress of city life, and on a clear day the lake sparkles like blue diamonds. Plus, with the colorful buildings in the villages surrounding the lake, tourists can admire the view while shopping.


, Top 7 places to check out in Italy

The first thing that comes to mind when one hears Pisa is, without a doubt, the Leaning Tower of Pisa. However, do not be mistaken. There is more to the Italian city of Pisa than the tower. The Duomo di Pisa will impress with its Romanesque architecture while the Baptistery will remind you of the strong Catholic culture in Italy.

Amalfi Coast

, Top 7 places to check out in Italy

Like a scene out of a fairytale, Amalfi Coast is a dream come true. What could be more gorgeous than mountains surrounding you, the turquoise sea and fine warm sand, and smells of pizza and pasta wafting towards you? The place is packed with hiking spots, beaches for sunbathing, and some of Italy’s finest restaurants. Talk about a place that has something for someone of all ages.

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