Travel industry polls reveal Singapore’s 2013 travel trends

Experts of the travel industry Skyscanner, Expedia and Wego have all revealed their findings into what drives travelers in Singapore, in their 2013 travel trend surveys.

Results of the global travel search site Skyscanner‘s annual travel trends report, shows that the fastest growing destination from Singapore is 2013 has been the Maldives, followed by South Korea and, more surprisingly, the Czech Republic.

Thailand, however, has proven to be the most popular destination, with China, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines also topping the poll. Singapore’s favourite city overall is Bangkok, but Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul and Denpasar in Bali also get a mention. Emerging destinations are a more diverse mix of Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East, showing that travelers here are starting to explore further afield.

Expedia‘s Future of Travel poll, meanwhile, focused on travelers tech trends throughout the year. Findings show that most Singapore travelers do not want to be connected to the internet on route to a destination, with only 4% of voters interested in having wifi during their flight. One in five travelers don’t like to use their smart phones on holiday either; this 21% of the voters do not use their mobile phone to plan, book or share their trip.

Travel booking site Wego was more interested in the gastronomic travel inclinations of the nation. Wego’s poll of Singaporean and Malaysian travelers shows that almost 60% select their travel destination based on the local food.

All of the men that took part in the survey admitted to selecting travel destinations for the cuisine, while in contrast, 74% of the women that took part said this wasn’t actually a deciding factor. Almost all of the voters over 35-years said that they are food driven travelers. Top culinary destinations are Thailand and Hong Kong, followed by Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea and Europe.