This tour site has travel itineraries for Muslims

You may or may not have heard of, an online travel agency that crafts itineraries for Muslims. There are tour packages to over 65 destinations around the world and comprehensive tour packages to over 65 global destinations. You can book online and on a mobile app, too.

Some highlights include a five day Maldivian tour from $879 per person (yes, you’ll get to stay in a water bungalow), or the cheaper Sweet Escape Honeymoon Package at $691 per person, and guests will stay at the Sandhi Phala Resort. If you prefer farther destinations, there’s the Gems of Islamic Spain itinerary ($1,751 per person), an eight day tour that takes you through Cordoba, Granada and Seville. Adventurers can also look forward to Shark Cage Diving ($253) with the Great Whites near South Africa’s Cape Town. 

You can check out the website for more travel ideas, and where to get away this coming Chinese New Year.