Experience Singapore in ways you've never done before

So you're onboard with the whole being a tourist in your own country thing. But what activities exactly are there out there? We're pretty sure the usual ones like visiting the zoo and riding the cable car is already on most people's radar. Here, we suss out the more unique ones that are sure to show you a side of Singapore you've never seen.

Axe Throwing Experience

What's more cathartic than throwing real axes at a target, as hard as you can? Not much else. If you're in need of a physical activity that allows you to expend your energy while learning a new skill, this Axe Throwing Experience held at Axe Factor is just the thing you need. A real-life axe-pert will show you the ropes, then allow you to chuck axes at targets as much as you want for an hour or two. Learn the double throw to really get your adrenaline going.

Creepy Tales of Singapore

Not for the faint of heart, this guided educational tour will have you exploring some of Singapore's most infamous haunted sites. Get to operate ghost detecting devices, venture into actual cemeteries as you listen to popular urban legends, and even visit places that were once the site of massacres. Dark tourism fans rejoice.

Dragon Kiln Pottery

Picking up a craft and using your own two hands to create something is one of the most satisfying achievements. Allowing you to do just that is the Dragon Kiln Pottery Workshop, where for two hours, you'll get hands-on lessons at one of the oldest surviving kilns in Singapore. Learn the tools of the trade and pick up valuable insights about this rare, dying artform. Who knows how long it'll be around for.

Land ZOVBing and Laser Clay Shooting

If rolling around freely in an inflatable ball sounds like hella fun, then look no further. Feel the freedom while burning calories at the same time with this zorbing package folks of all ages can join. Want more? Feel free to add on a laser clay shooting activity to complete your experience and make a day of it.

Nature Kayaking

Paddle in pairs and venture deep into Pulau Ubin's mangroves and see a wild side of Singapore you'll likely never have encountered before. Try spotting kingfishers, eagles, hornbills and herons as you meander along the beginner-friendly waters, and if you're lucky, you might even glimpse an otter family or pink dolphin pod. It's gonna be an adventure.