It’s almost winter break—here’s where to go for your regional ski holiday

, It’s almost winter break—here’s where to go for your regional ski holiday

NISEKO (Japan) 

Why we like it: Tucked away in Hokkaido, this is arguably the best place to ski in Japan for skiiers and snowboarders of all levels, thanks to the volume of snow and the variety of skiing types available. So whether you want to stick to the slopes or swoosh through perfect powder, Niseko can easily provide a little something for everyone. It is also the largest ski resort in Japan, with many little villages dotted on the slopes. 
Ski season: Late Nov-early May
Weather patterns: Located in Northern Japan, Niseko’s weather patterns tend to mimic those of Siberia. This makes for colder and longer winters than the rest of the country. Jun-Aug are the warmest months, while Dec-Mar are the coolest.
Temperature (during ski season): -11.5-8.9 degrees Celsius
Snow depth: Average 1,400cm
The crowd: Mostly tourists from neighboring countries such as Australia, China and Southeast Asia traveling in groups. 
Splurge Accommodation: The Vale Niseko
This luxurious, modern hotel is located right on the ski slopes, eliminating transportation problems as you can easily just ski in and out from the hotel grounds. Apart from the open bathrooms that come with a panoramic view of the mountains, you will also be equipped with a private onsen, a heated outdoor pool and sauna. 
Starting at $201 per night in late Nov
Budget Accomodation: The Setsumon
This charming establishment is an easy 5-10-minute commute to the slopes. The rooms feature private balconies, kitchens and separate living spaces. 
Starting at $210 per night in late Nov   
Lift Pass: $69/eight hours
Equipment rental: Starting at $47/day
Airfare: Thai Airways round-trip flights start at $672, with a stopover in Bangkok.

, It’s almost winter break—here’s where to go for your regional ski holiday

YONGPYONG (South Korea)

Why we like it: Located just two hours from Seoul, this summertime golfer’s paradise transforms into the country’s largest ski resort in winter. There are 28 ski slopes that accommodate novice to advanced level skiers with a variety of elevations. It’s a safe pick for anyone traveling in a group with mixed abilities.
Ski season: Nov-early Apr
Weather patterns: Jul and Aug are the resort’s hottest months, when temperatures can go up to 30 degrees Celsius, while Dec and Jan are when the temperature dips at its lowest.
Temperature (during ski season): -10-11 degrees Celsius
Snow depth: Average 250cm
The crowd: Tourists, locals and expats alike. Families with children of various ages dominate the slopes here.   
Spluge Accommodation: Dragon Valley Resort Hotel
This massive hotel features rooms that can slepp two to three people, withfamily-friendly facilities such as an indoor pool, outdoor pool, children’s pool, a lazy river and even an indoor arcade. For those traveling without children, the hotel is also home to a spa, pool area and bowling alley.
Starting at $381 per night in late Nov 
Budget Accommodation: Youth Hostel 
Rooms that can accommodate from 7-20 guests come with a shared shower and kitchenette on every floor. Guests can opt for either a private two-person room, or shared room with bunk beds. 
Starting at $14 per person
Lift Pass: $86/day
Equipment rental: Starting at $33/day
Airfare: AirAsia roundtrip flights start at $457, with a stopover in Kuala Lumpur

, It’s almost winter break—here’s where to go for your regional ski holiday

TREBLE CONE (New Zealand)

Why we like it: Just a 90-minute drive from Queenstown, a district of New Zealand that’s home to largest ski resorts, this mountain is home to varying elevations that are perfect for groups with different skiing abilities. Remarkable views of Lake Wanaka and the Southern Alps make for a refreshing snowy getaway while you get your dose of adrenaline rush. Here, there are both off-piste and marked slopes, so you can change up your routine whenever you want. Plus, the upkeep of this resort is always impeccable. 
Ski season: Late Jun-late Sep
Weather patterns: Because of its location in the southern hemisphere, Treble Cone’s hottest months are Dec-Mar while its coldest months are Jun-Aug.
Temperature (during ski season): 0-13 degrees Celsius during ski season.
Snow depth: Average 325 cm.
The crowd: A handful of visitors during the weekdays, but usually draws a giant local crowd during the weekend. 
Splurge Accommodation: Oakridge Resort Wanaka
This luxurious hotel is set on a mountain with remarkable views of the Southern Alps. All rooms come with comfortable and firm feather duvets, along with a classic, cozy layout. The resort also offers outdoor heated rock pools crafted from rock and alpine tussock, along with a well-equipped gym and a day spa. 
Starting at $147 per night for bookings in Sep
Budget Accommodation: Lake Hawea Hotel
Also a popular wedding destination, this recently-refurbished hotel offers a beautiful view of the large, peaceful and serene Lake Hawea and the surrounding mountains, along with spacious living space and comfortable beds lined with sheep-spun blankets. 
Starting at $27 per night 
Lift Pass: $94/day, although passes get cheaper the longer you are there. 
Equipment rental: Starting at $42
Airfare: Since there are no direct flights, Jetstar gets you to Queenstown for $1,105, with a stopover and flight change in Melbourne.