Splurge on this cool new treehouse in Indonesia

We’ve previously featured the 15 coolest treehouses in Asia and also why you should go to Sumba, so we’re pretty excited to report that Sumba’s Nihiwatu Resort has three new drool-worthy treehouse villas. 

And they aren’t haphazard, simple-living treehouses, but super glam, not-cheap Mamole Treehouses, designed by German architect Walter Wagner (founder of the firm Habitat5), with interiors by big-deal names like Marco Scarani and Susan Colley. Each house has de rigueur carvings, antiques and Ikat prints. As for space, there are three bedrooms with beach views. Two of these circular villas have two-storeys, with a lounge area on the ground floor.
Even cooler? For a double-date group vacay, a bamboo bridge connectsall of the treehouses togetehr. And there’s an infinity pool and a lounging deck to share.
The cost to stay in a three-bedroom villa is about $8,605, for two, with a minimum stay of three nights. This price includes all meals, non-alcoholic beverages and, thank god, Wi-Fi.
Garuda flies to Sumba for about $800 return, with a journey time of under seven hours.