Little tips and tricks to explore places like Warsaw, Prague, Krakow and more

Eastern Europe is often overlooked when trips are planned out. Mention Europe and thoughts are drawn to a lit-up Eiffel Tower or gazing up at the majestic Arc de Triomphe. However, Eastern Europe has much to offer, with unique sights missed out by those who follow the beaten path, all without breaking the bank.

From Warsaw to Prague, eschew the ordinary and embark on this exciting journey through Eastern Europe with us.

1. Step into the past with a trip through historical Warsaw, Poland

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The historical center of Warsaw—a UNESCO World Heritage and other monuments can be found in this ancient city, which holds numerous stories waiting to be discovered. Despite its destruction at the hands of Nazis during the Warsaw Uprising, half a decade of effort on the parts of its citizens have left it restored to its former glory.

2. Enjoy a romantic trip to Prague, Czech Republic

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Dodge the crowds clogging up the boulevards of Paris. After all, previous moments should be enjoyed with your significant other, and not with thousands of others. Glean a unique experience that will be shared and remembered in Prague, where you can treat yourself to a classy dinner, or take a slow walk across the Old Town Square.

3. Soak your worries away in Budapest, Hungary

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Situated on top of over 100 thermal springs, visiting the baths in Budapest is not to be missed. Located in a city adorned with architectural beauties, experience neo-gothic expressions found atop structures from the Hungarian Parliament to the Mathias Church.

Take a shot of the palinka and sample the Hungarian cuisine before exploring this wondrous city. Of course, there are lots of restaurants and cafes in Budapest, and what we like about them are their interesting themes of the interiors.

4. Experience authentic Polish Cuisine in Krakow, Poland

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Often overlooked amidst the myriad of Europe fare, Polish cuisine promises a sumptuous experience fit for any gourmet. Choose between high-end restaurants with a polished Polish menu or simple home-made food, Krakow offers a range of options that will fill you up. If it all seems daunting, step into The Black Duck, where the warm cozy atmosphere will provide the perfect setting for your virgin foray into Polish fare.

5. Stop by the door of the Black Sea: Odessa, Ukraine

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Feel the sea breeze on your face as you visit Odessa, the unique salty tang cast by the wind. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the huge selection of activities in this scenic town, from the 14th century Akkerman Fortress for the history buff, to the Odessa criminal history tour on offer for the adventurous. Also, you can find great fine dining restaurants in Odessa; and they’re quite inexpensive.

6. Stay in a conveniently located accommodation in Lviv, Ukraine

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Being able to stay in a central location is a huge boon on any trip. It means less time spent on commutes and more time to explore the bustling city center or the exciting attractions on offer. Couple that with a comfortable accommodation that delivers top-end amenities housed in an authentic local setting and you will have the perfect place to stay for your travels. Once you are settled down and unpacked, there are so many interesting places to visit around.

7. Learn from the past without paying a price in Vilnius, Lithuania

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The capital of Lithuania may be small compared to powerhouses Berlin or London, but it holds a rich history comparable to them. Despite its long and tumultuous past, this city is now a perfect haven for your travels, promising safety for both your personal self and your wallet. A must-visit is the KGB Museum, where you can (voluntarily) check in and out of the guided tours that will let you view the preserved prison and death chambers.

8. Spend an enjoyable weekend over in Timisoara, Romania

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Chosen as the European Capital of Culture for 2021, you do not need to wait a few years to experience this robust city as it plays host to numerous events, religious buildings, and cultural sites. Beside discovering gems of insights in cultural works of arts, take the time to stroll through the parks found right by the river.

9. Sample the hearty Georgian fare

Georgian food holds influences of European and Middle Eastern cuisine, yet stands apart with its unique taste. You will never go bored sampling Georgian dishes with variations such as Megrelian, Kakhetian, and Imeretian cuisines found in each province. Georgian fare features certain iconic dishes that one must sample, especially at a Keipi, or traditional feast, where you can see the dishes in all their glory. All accompanied by a liberal serving of wine.

10. Stay in the perfect Vacation Rental in Zagreb, Croatia

Generally, travelers will stay one more two nights at Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, before going down to the famous UNESCO site Dubrovnik. Feel at home, even when you are exploring the unknown by checking into a vacation rental. Have a whole place to yourself, complete with kitchen and living room to take a breather before embarking on another day to explore up-and-comer Zagreb. Our recommendation is to find a day to go to Dolec markets to get your breakfast and lunch ingredients and go strolling around and have a nice cozy dinner on the street of Tkalciceva. Great experiences in the city include the church of St.Mark’s, go for a funicular ride, and having a chat with the host and find out what life is really like in Zabreg.

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