The Tree Top Lofts

The buzz: The newest addition to RWS (they’re not even open to the public yet), these natural timber houses stand in stark contrast to the rest of the colorful man-made leisure center. 

The facilities: Their butlers will drive you by buggy to any restaurant or attraction at RWS.

The details: Choose from two houses, Angsana and Tembusu, standing at seven and 12 meters tall respectively. Two to three people can stay comfortably in each. Both boast a double roof system to keep the interior cool. The living room, bedroom and bathroom of each house is 73 sq. meters in area, with 90 sq. meters of outdoor terrace space surrounding it. The rooms are airy too: ceilings are five to six meters high. The rate for each of the houses is $3,000++ a night.

Perfect for: Those who want to head to Sentosa but need to get away from the busy (and tacky) main entertainment stretch.