Prime Gyu-Kaku (CHIJMES)

One thing’s for sure: There’ll be no complaints about the cooking here—because guests cook their own dinners. Gyu-Kaku (“horn of the bull” in Japanese) specializes in yakiniku (Japan’s barbie), and the Tuesday night we went, there was a queue—but thankfully we’d booked. We were seated in a cozy booth for four surrounded by dark wood […]


With its ostentatious high-backed chairs, beaded glass curtains and neon blue raindrop lights, the decor at this restaurant is reminiscent of The Fifth Element. But the surreal, laidback atmosphere was a nice change from the tacky minimalism that’s rife elsewhere. Tucked snugly away from that distracting and over-hyped frosted window (which is intriguingly opaque at […]