With its ostentatious high-backed chairs, beaded glass curtains and neon blue raindrop lights, the decor at this restaurant is reminiscent of The Fifth Element. But the surreal, laidback atmosphere was a nice change from the tacky minimalism that’s rife elsewhere. Tucked snugly away from that distracting and over-hyped frosted window (which is intriguingly opaque at some angles but not at others), we demolished a plate of Thai chicken salad. Comprising sweet mango chunks, crispy greens and deep-fried wanton skins tossed in a sour and spicy chili dressing, it positively lacerated one of our diner’s sensitive gums—but it was definitely worth it. For our main course, we tried the linguini chicken scallopine, the codfish and the Olio burger. The pasta came in a thick, creamy, white wine and mushroom sauce, which tasted unusually herby and slightly tangy, but the slices of chicken breast were tough. We thoroughly enjoyed the codfish, which was juicy and tender. Complemented beautifully by crunchy orange-golden fish eggs and smoky streaky bacon, this dish was nothing short of delightful. The accompanying prawn colcannon (mashed potato) was done to perfection as well—fresh and buttery soft. And of course, what would a meal at Olio be without the popular Olio burger? Each mouthful of the medium-done beef with Emmental cheese and sautéed mushrooms was comfortingly tasty—thankfully some things don’t change—although we did think the patty could have been a little less thick for dainty eaters like ourselves. For dessert, we decided to skip the light, fruity offerings and go for the modest-sized chocolate tart, which tasted like a yummy soft chocolate cookie topped with peanut flavored ice cream. We also ordered the sticky date pudding, which was a letdown as it was too dry—but on the whole it still tasted delicious, especially when coated with melting vanilla bean ice cream. For an establishment that looks this good, we were generally pleased by the food’s high standard, although the waiters here could step up their efficiency and promptness. Do drop in some time, and not just for the desserts—the mains are the real stars.