With memories of innovative and well-prepared Italian food we were easily lured back to Pontini. Sadly, such memories are to be left as just that. On our visit there was no charming Italian maître d’ or inspired daily specials. Instead, we were greeted by brusque service, dried out bread for a zestless pesto dip, a […]

The Bigger Picture

Who settles for a 50-inch plasma TV nowadays? For that true big-screen experience, you need a home projector. Victor Chau picks the best.

Loan Shark

Talking about a loan shark seems timely after all the partying that has resulted in empty pockets. We at I-S chat up Gareth Armstrong, a veteran performer who looks at Shylock (the moneylender in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice) through the eyes of Tubal, the only other Jew in the story.

Dream On

Sometimes, all it takes is a crazy idea.