Trash Bash

Revelers turned out in full force at Orchard Road on New Year’s Eve to usher in 2006—and left in their wake 6,000 kilograms of trash. It would have been more useful if they had instead left behind any of the following.A feathered serpent (Alatuserpens Quetzalcoatlus)A feathered serpent differs from the standard dracoform. It has two sets of limbs (feathered wings and hind legs) on a long (20 meter) sinuous body, with a 20 meter tail. It has a wingspan of 15 meters—and weighs 6,000 kilograms. It has 60 teeth. In battle, the feathered serpent often coils around its prey, stabbing or biting to release its venom, or simply crushes its victim. Feathered serpents are native to South and Central America, and prefer mountains, open forest and grassland.’A dipole magnetIn 2000, the University of Saskatchewan awarded a US$2-million contract to Tesla Engineering Limited for 25 huge dipole magnets, which will help focus the light produced by the stadium-sized synchrotron being constructed on its campus as part of the Canadian Light Source (CLS) project. A synchrotron accelerates a stream of electrons and manipulates them to create an extremely bright light, which industrial and university scientists can then use to observe structures and chemical reactions at the molecular level. Dipole magnets work as a lens to focus the electron beam. Each dipole magnet weighs 6,000 kilograms.The world’s largest communications satelliteIn August last year, the European Space Agency put into orbit over Indonesia a satellite owned by a private Thai operator. The Thaicom-4 satellite is designed to provide Internet access and multimedia services for Asia, Australia and New Zealand for at least 12 years. It weighs 6.5 tonnes.The largest bell in StorkyrkanStorkyrkan is the 700-year-old cathedral of Stockholm. It holds invaluable sculptures and paintings. Its exterior is pure Baroque style, but its interior is medieval/gothic. The cathedral is adorned by a 66-meter tower, added in 1763. The tower has four bells, the heaviest of which weighs about 6,000 kilograms.Or simplyAn African male elephant