Page3 Hall of Fame

It may have left you baffled on occasion but Page 3 remains one of the few (or maybe only) places in Singapore where the great mysteries of life, the major issues of our generation, our silly foibles and the dry dessert of irony merge into one succinct nugget to chew on (whew). If this column does nothing else but give you pause for thought—and a few laughs now and then—Page 3 has succeeded. Here are excerpts from our best moments.


TIME FLIES when you’re having fun … or even what passes for fun in Singapore. And so it is with mild amazement (and sometimes amusement) that we have dusted off the archives, plowed through old copies covered in mold and Cheez-Wiz, and put together this retrospective issue which looks back at 10 years of I-S […]

Gretchen Worth

Gretchen Worth arrived on these shores in 1995 as the founding editor and publisher of I-S Magazine, having decamped from Hong Kong where she served as editor (and one of the founders) of sister title, HK Magazine. From an insect-infested shophouse, Worth and her intrepid team put together the launch issue of I-S, which featured our very first film review (Batman Forever, ugh, starring Val Kilmer), reviews of the still-going-strong restaurants Blue Ginger and Pasta Brava, and, just in time for National Day, tips on where to get your flag dry-cleaned. Worth moved to Bangkok in 2000 where she now heads BK Magazine.

Fleshy Desires

Saucy and spanking (ouch!) good, The Magic Fundoshi teases us with tales revolving around lust, desire and sex. We check out four actors in the play to see if they have anything up their kimono sleeves.

Mind, Body and Soul

The great facelift of the health, fitness and beauty industries. Illustration by Jonathan Ng

Night Shifts

We track the movements of the afterhours scene—what sizzled when and which are still going strong today.

Food Moods

I-S looks at the trends, cuisines and restaurants that have impacted the dining scene over the last 10 years.

And The Award Goes To…

After a decade’s worth of catching a mixed bag of local performances, art exhibitions and films, we’ve decided to honor the best, the worst and the most incoherent in the local arts scene.

Digital Decade

From the Internet to the iPod, the way technology has advanced over the last 10 years makes 1995 seem like the Stone Age. Wayne Ree looks back