Fleshy Desires

Tell us about yourself.
Jonathan Lim: I am a woman on a mission. I am a preserver of Japanese culture, and a believer in romance, poetry, beauty, and a lot of wild sex on the side!
Hossan Leong: I’m the Priest in charge of the Shrine dedicated to the goddess Benten. She is the goddess of love and other related matters.
Koh Boon Pin: I am a local lord … or the Lady Chibusa (depending on the time of night).
Robin Goh: I am Taro Kaja, a servant attached to a large house.
Are you more classy or sassy?
JL: I’m classy in public, sassy in bed. Unless I’m in bed in public, then I’m both.
HL: I am extremely hypocritical, obsessive and greedy. So I think, neither.
KBP: As the philosophers have phrased it, where would we all be without our servants?
RG: I’m too clever to be classy, so I’m sassy.
What is marriage to you?
JL: It is proof that at least one person wanted you enough to link up with you for life, so everyone else should give you a try too!
HL: It is lifetime of bondage … I mean I meant bonding to someone you thought you loved.
KBP: I am a family man, with a wife and three innocent children.
RG: A headache. Always have something on the side so you don’t get bored.
How about tips on carrying on an affair without being found out?
JL: The best way to make sure no one finds out is to tell everyone right away!
HL: If you’re scared of being found out, then don’t have an affair!
KBP: Life is far too short to waste it with the endless and meaningless complications of one of our urban love affairs.
RG: If you live in the country, do it in the city, or vice versa.
Is a fundoshi (loin cloth) important to you?
JL: Oh yes indeed, it is very important. Not having a fundoshi is like receiving a gift without wrapping paper.
HL: Well, I normally don’t wear anything beneath my robe, but if I need a fundoshi, I mail order.
KBP: I might have a need for just something like that.
RG: It is important. I would beg, steal, borrow, lie, cheat and finagle to get it.
Do you believe in magic? 
JL: Oh yes, I believe in magic. A totally ordinary and dull limp man can turn into a raging, throbbing pillar of love and bringer of pleasure. If that’s not magic, what is?
HL: No. Because then, logic won’t apply.
KBP: It looks very interesting, very interesting indeed.
RG: I practice it.
What is the most hilarious encounter you’ve had with a member of the opposite sex?
JL: Only one member? Hmm…
HL: Well, I couldn’t tell whether she was a woman or not, then I found out she was, then she decided not to be, so she became a man, then decided to become a homosexual …
KBP: If one rubbed her in the wrong place, he would end up with no potency at all.
RG: The opposite sex has no sense of humor. Hence, no hilarious time.
Who is your dream woman/man, and why?
JL: The Lord Ichimotsu! He is so noble and upright in every way! I long to kiss his feet, and work upwards from there!
HL: My dream woman is my maid. I mean, who else is willing to take all the abuse and beatings and STILL clean your house?
KBP: Oh, mighty Benten …
RG: My dream man is me.