Two Elections

We cannot resist it. We just have to compare the two elections.IN THAILANDPopular name for country: Land of SmilesElection precedent: Prime Minister’s family reaping huge financial windfallIn the event of just one candidate: A “no vote” option for votersIn the event of just one candidate: A minimum of 20 percent vote to enter ParliamentWhen campaign […]

East Meets West

The source of classic Broadway tunes such as “Tonight” and “I Feel Pretty” and “America,” West Side Story is about conflict, revenge and, most importantly, first loves.

Great Balls o’ Fire

Yong and Rudy are members of the Thumbuakar tribe. They perform fire breathing acts and traditional dances daily at the Night Safari. I-S catches up with these veterans of their trade and asks them some burning questions.

Reeling On

It’s been around for almost two decades, yet the 19th Singapore International Film Festival is still going strong with a more esoteric line-up than ever this year.