Two Elections

We cannot resist it. We just have to compare the two elections.IN THAILANDPopular name for country: Land of SmilesElection precedent: Prime Minister’s family reaping huge financial windfallIn the event of just one candidate: A “no vote” option for votersIn the event of just one candidate: A minimum of 20 percent vote to enter ParliamentWhen campaign […]

East Meets West

The source of classic Broadway tunes such as “Tonight” and “I Feel Pretty” and “America,” West Side Story is about conflict, revenge and, most importantly, first loves.

Great Balls o’ Fire

Yong and Rudy are members of the Thumbuakar tribe. They perform fire breathing acts and traditional dances daily at the Night Safari. I-S catches up with these veterans of their trade and asks them some burning questions.

Reeling On

It’s been around for almost two decades, yet the 19th Singapore International Film Festival is still going strong with a more esoteric line-up than ever this year.

Money Bags

There’s a huge amount of grant money out there, just waiting for eligible candidates. Why not you?

William Ryder

24-year-old rugby player William Ryder from Fiji was in town for the Standard Chartered Sevens Singapore games last weekend. Cool, calm and collected, Ryder is earmarked to be one of the mainstays in the Fiji squad team.

Up In Smoke

I-S follows the progress of our own would-be Bridget Jones and her attempts to quit smoking. Illustration by Jonathan Ng

Matilda Bay Restaurant and Bar

The drive there was an adventure in itself—twisting and turning along a very narrow lane with thick vegetation on both sides, streetlights sparsely interspersed. The packed carpark showed promise that the place would be pumping, but, as it turned out, most people were there for the two other seafood restaurants at the Club. Considering it […]

Father Flanagan’s Irish Pub

Having been here often for creamy pints of Kilkenny’s but less often for meals, we were keen to try Father Flanagan’s food again. We went on a Tuesday night and found the pub busy for a weekday. Nothing much has changed about the interior—quaint Irish paraphernalia still fill the walls and the same rustic pub […]

North Border Bar & Grill

The greatest thing that North Border has going for it is its atmosphere. From the warm and cozy candle-lit, alfresco setting to tiny details like the amazingly comfortable deck chairs, this place is perfect for a casual date or an intimate gathering. The service got off to an iffy start when we arrived, having us […]