North Border Bar & Grill

The greatest thing that North Border has going for it is its atmosphere. From the warm and cozy candle-lit, alfresco setting to tiny details like the amazingly comfortable deck chairs, this place is perfect for a casual date or an intimate gathering. The service got off to an iffy start when we arrived, having us wait despite reserving our places in advance. The staff did their very best to make up for this with their genuinely friendly, practically chummy, dispositions. The food arrived timely as well, and the portions were intimidating. But, hey, it’s Tex Mex, so expect nothing less. We started with the succulent Best of the Border, which more than qualifies as an entire meal in itself, with its fried jalapenos and tender chicken. We also had a go at the tortilla soup, which tasted a bit too much like spaghetti sauce for our liking. The baby back ribs were another challenge to get through. The ribs’ BBQ sauce didn’t have the zing that we were hoping for, but nevertheless, it was still enjoyable. For those of you looking for something less meaty, try the Vegetarian Quesadillas. But nothing could prepare us for the dessert of choice: the chili ice cream. This one’s only for the brave and bold, folks, so be warned—it’s a culinary kick to the throat, and we mean that in a good way. If you’re looking for something to eat with a little “Yee haw!” saddle up and mosey on down to North Border.

When the weather is good, eating outside can be a truly enjoyable dining experience. These joints with charming open air areas are just the place to dine on breezy evenings.