Well-known for its sumptuous buffets, this hotel restaurant is a staple in the Singapore dining scene. We came here for its lunch buffet and were reminded why Oscar’s constantly rates so highly—its tip-top service, a delicious buffet spread and fine setting. Between us we tried most of the buffet and really have to say that […]

Vietnamese Delight

This Vietnamese eatery is just like its name—delightful. You know how sometimes the best of meals are the simplest ones? This cozy eatery is just that. We dropped by one weekday lunch in the hope of finding some good, simple grub and were not disappointed. The large Vietnamese photographs, wicker chairs and brick walls made […]

FIN Seafood Cafe

This is a really small place tucked away inconspicuously at a corner of the massive Marina Square shopping center. With limited booth seats and a few tables, FIN was a little too cramped. The food was disappointing. The seafood chowder had a sourish aftertaste, and we left it alone after two spoonfuls. The Tasmanian oysters […]