Vietnamese Delight

This Vietnamese eatery is just like its name—delightful. You know how sometimes the best of meals are the simplest ones? This cozy eatery is just that. We dropped by one weekday lunch in the hope of finding some good, simple grub and were not disappointed. The large Vietnamese photographs, wicker chairs and brick walls made us immediately feel at home, as did the kind staff. The eatery was buzzing, enjoying a strong showing from ravenous office types. We ordered the pho tai and the pho bo Viet Nam, the latter being beef and beef ball noodle soup. Both were bowls of slurpy goodness—the beef slices in the pho bo Viet Nam were scrumptious and melted in our mouths. The mixed platter of rolls served with chili sauce was excellent, and filling too. The platter comprised rice rolls and deep-fried spring rolls bursting with ingredients, and when eaten with the dip, completely made our day. The mild but tasty milk tea rounded up a simple but satisfying meal. We’ll be back for sure.