The Steakhouse | Review

Located just a few steps from the taxi stand at Clarke Quay, this restaurant already wins points for being easy to find. The 200-gram fillet mignon is perfect for ladies who want their cow in dainty portions. Men can go for the mammoth rib-eyes and larger cuts. The chef stands by a standing flame grill […]


It’s not hard to find a nice bowl of udon at a Japanese restaurant—but a good bowl of authentic Japanese curry udon is relatively hard to come by these days. Tucked away on the third floor of The Central (where else) and backed by a 100-year-old curry recipe, Wakashachiya was quite packed on a weekday […]


The nondescript Capital Tower actually has a few nice shops and restaurants, of which this is one. Tartine’s is a small French bistro with North African influences, so expect to see croque monsieur and provencale salad next to tabouleh, and hear the owner’s French accent and North African music in the background. They have a […]