The Steakhouse | Review

Located just a few steps from the taxi stand at Clarke Quay, this restaurant already wins points for being easy to find. The 200-gram fillet mignon is perfect for ladies who want their cow in dainty portions. Men can go for the mammoth rib-eyes and larger cuts.

The chef stands by a standing flame grill in the middle of the restaurant, so you can watch him cook your meat and make sure it comes medium rare like you ordered and not well done.

The fillet mignon was cooked to perfection and we decided to throw out permanently any notions we had of being vegetarians. Our grilled watermelon salad starter was also very exciting—it tasted like a no-carb bruschetta. Non-carnivores can go for seafood dishes like the seabass steak. 

The dim lit interior and paintings of angry bulls on the wall make this a nice spot to bring a date. The bull pictures and red meat sure will help arouse carnal urges.

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