Tajimaya Yakiniku

With its Zen aesthetics and sea view, Tajimaya Yakiniku comfortably stands out from other mid-range restaurants that proliferate VivoCity. We urge you to try its range of Wagyu beef options (comes with miso, lemon and kuri marinades)—the Wagyu tongue and the Wagyu Harumi are noteworthy. We went for the flavorful and succulent Beef Combo platter, […]

Herbs and Spices

Opened in November last year, this restaurant strangely calls itself an Eurasian restaurant, but it doesn’t serve fusion cuisine. It has two menus—one with Italian staples like pasta, pizza and one with North Indian dishes. From the Italian menu, we ordered the pizza Napoletana with anchovies and capers ($12), and the lasagna traditizionale ($10). The […]

Hana Hana Japanese Restaurant

The fusion dishes here are a great success. For the dish pitan tofu, touu is cooked simply with a secret recipe century egg sauce, and the dish is scrumptious. Other winning signature dishes include their tsubugai to ninniku yaki, which is Japanese whelk clam fried with garlic, and the Hana maki—salmon skin topped with sliced […]