Tajimaya Yakiniku

With its Zen aesthetics and sea view, Tajimaya Yakiniku comfortably stands out from other mid-range restaurants that proliferate VivoCity.

We urge you to try its range of Wagyu beef options (comes with miso, lemon and kuri marinades)—the Wagyu tongue and the Wagyu Harumi are noteworthy. We went for the flavorful and succulent Beef Combo platter, which combined the two above with Wagyu Karubi and Wagyu Rosu (six to eight cuts each). The latter was just divine—just a light grilling will make it melt in your mouth.

Our sides of age daishi tofu and ebi tempura, while nothing fantastic in their own right, were suitable accompaniments to our meats. Ditto our servings of garlic rice.

The biggest surprise though was their desserts: The Tajiyama special pumpkin pudding, the matcha ice cream and the mochi with black sesame were excellent in texture, taste and consistency.

Not everything was great though—the pink guava juice was yuck, and for such a classy place, the chopsticks were bog-standard wooden ones. But these are merely by-the-bys—Tajimaya’s menu is extensive and tasty, and its service pleasant enough to keep us coming back.