Villa di Parma

Located at the end of a row of shophouses in the neighborhood area of Serangoon, this small Italian restaurant stands out from the rest of the coffee shops and eateries with a warm, glowing ambiance emanating from a simple but cozy décor. The menu is mostly Italian, with the usual choices of pasta and pizzas, […]

En Grill & Bar

The pitch—great food and even better drinks. En Grill & Bar’s menu showcases yakimono (Japanese grilled foods) items like the aspara maki (asparagus wrapped in flavorful pork belly), beautifully-cut Wagyu steak as well as fugu mirin boshi, the prized delicacy of grilled sun-dried puffer fish. What’s more, there’s a full-fledged bar of liquors, cocktails and […]

Carl’s Jr.

Nobody’s a stranger to juicy giant burger chain Carl’s Jr., but this outlet is fab news for fans because it’s the first 24-hour outlet to be set up in Singapore, complete with a convenient drive-through. It also boasts classy décor, with full-length windows and wooden wall panels at one section. Its famous burgers are as […]