Villa di Parma

Located at the end of a row of shophouses in the neighborhood area of Serangoon, this small Italian restaurant stands out from the rest of the coffee shops and eateries with a warm, glowing ambiance emanating from a simple but cozy décor.

The menu is mostly Italian, with the usual choices of pasta and pizzas, but also offers a few Western main dishes like chicken and red meat. We started off with the cozze alla Milanese, which consisted of fresh cheese-topped mussels drenched with a zingy tomato sauce — delicious. The filletto di mento was a well-executed piece of beef tenderloin, with all the juices and flavors intact. The prosciutto di parma con rucola pizza was alright, but could have been slightly more flavorful. For dessert, we had one of their bestsellers—the chocolate fondant, which was beautifully presented and tasted equally good. 

The service was prompt too, and the staff knowledgeable about what to recommend. For something just that bit classier without venturing into the city, this is a good bet.

Mamma mia! Is your favorite Italian restaurant on our list of Singapore’s best?