Amid the many old‑school suburban kopitiams and restaurants along East Coast Road lies modern vegetarian café Naïve, which wouldn’t look out of place if it was located at hipper spots like Dempsey or Orchard. The interior is inviting, and with minimalist décor and wooden tables and chairs, is reminiscent of chic Aussie bistros. The menu […]

Ebisboshi Shotengai

Chow down on any of the well-loved Japanese bites at this restaurant, which houses seven concepts (many of which hail directly from Japan) in a charming food amusement street setting. Technophiles will love the Deli-Touch wireless self-ordering system that allows you to make your order independently. Try the delicious miso ramen from Menya Manpei (Sapporo); […]

Kitagawa Japanese Restaurant

Overlooking a golf course, Kitagawa has a tranquil vibe. Employing a strictly authentic approach to its cuisine, the folks at the restaurant take great pains with the preparation and presentation of the food. All this has culminated in varied, interesting signature dishes like the rather uncharacteristic fukahire chawanmushi (braised shark’s fin on egg custard), kajiki […]