Ebisboshi Shotengai

Chow down on any of the well-loved Japanese bites at this restaurant, which houses seven concepts (many of which hail directly from Japan) in a charming food amusement street setting. Technophiles will love the Deli-Touch wireless self-ordering system that allows you to make your order independently. Try the delicious miso ramen from Menya Manpei (Sapporo); oden combination (a comforting hotpot) and pork loin katsu combo set from Katsumiya (Nagano); yummy salmon yukke gunkan sushi from the California-founded Sanshigo (Osaka); and the lip-smackingly good Teppan No Hoshi Special okonomiyaki from Teppan No Hoshi (Hiroshima). Don’t miss Tora Shabu (Akihabara), where the wait staff are dressed to look like maids in Japan—the Shabu Shabu Set A, with paitan soup with collagen and miso soup is a must-try. Gobble up delicious fried squid leg and dried herring  from the izakaya Tsubohachi (Hokkaido) too. Lastly, stuff yourself with awesome sweet treats like the red bean taiyaki and cream anmitsu from the aptly named Sweet Brothers (Asakusa).