Scenestealer: Russian Circles

Brian Cook, bassist of instrumental metal band Russian Circles discusses their sound and the benefits of not having a vocalist.

New & Noted

There’s a new cowboy in town. Chef Randy Torres, all the way from Austin, Texas, has shaded-up at Temptations (91 East Coast Rd., 6440-9200). Go Longhorns! While I wouldn’t venture so far as to call his food Tex-Mex, some of the dishes definitely exhibit a different sensibility from what we usually get here. I wasn’t […]

Ippudo Tao

One of our beloved ramen joints, often with a long line of hungry patrons snaking out of and around their restaurant, has finally answered our prayers and opened up a second outlet. Unlike their original branch, this one’s a joint venture with TAO, a popular Japanese drum performance group. We’re still not entirely sure what […]

Let’s Sweets

The buzz: This new dessert buffet restaurant specializes in creating an extensive assortment of Japanese-inspired sweets. Sure, there are also some savory options, but that’s really not the focus here.The vibe: The self-serve concept suits us just fine. We don’t mind trooping up to the counter to pick out all the treats our rumbly tummies […]


Set amid the Rochester Park enclave, this little café is a welcome refuge from the harsh realities of the world. With an emphasis on achieving optimum health through nutrition, we tried our best to mentally prepare ourselves for bland, boring dishes. Set primarily an alfresco space (like its first outlet at Biopolis), there are just […]