Let’s Sweets

The buzz: This new dessert buffet restaurant specializes in creating an extensive assortment of Japanese-inspired sweets. Sure, there are also some savory options, but that’s really not the focus here.The vibe: The self-serve concept suits us just fine. We don’t mind trooping up to the counter to pick out all the treats our rumbly tummies desire. It’s a casual space, full of candy-colored chairs to match the numerous desserts.The food: We’re crazy about the yaki mochi, and aren’t afraid to admit it. These rice balls are slowly-toasted till a light brown, hiding fillings like red bean and sweet potato. Even their black sesame and blueberry chiffon cakes are delicious. Be sure to leave some room for the Hokkaido coffee zenzai—sticky glutinous rice balls in a coffee and red bean sauce.Why you’ll be back: To have a girly catch up session with your gal pals as you overindulge, or for those times when you want to satisfy your sweet tooth. Grownups can experience an intense sugar rush from $15.80 (lunch) and $18.80 (dinner), while tots eat from $11.80. But we don’t recommend it. We won’t be held responsible for them bouncing off the walls after.