Villa Lawana

Go for one of the newest resorts on the island, Villa Lawana, at the northern tip of Chaweng Beach, right on the border of the sweet Bophut. Only five minutes from the airport, it’s a breeze to get to, and once you’re there you will be swept away by the beauty of this property. As […]

Six Senses Hideaway

In short: An eco-friendly honeymoon paradise. Six Senses is clearly in the luxury bracket but their private villas can come as something of a shock—no air-con in the bathroom, roughly hewn wood and a very simple design. But this is the experience you’re paying so dearly for: Top-notch five-star service, modern comforts and the feeling […]

Villa Nalinnadda

In short: Mediterranean charm on a quiet beach.Villa Nalinnadda is a bit of a hybrid. We’re guessing the main inspiration is Mediterranean but the proportions are all wrong. Girly décor details like petal-shaped sinks don’t help either. It does have a few things going for it, though. Even if this place is not some big […]

The Sundays Resort

In short: Cheap, cute and surrounded by jungle.Sundays was deserted when we last visited and we have to say the staff are more like family than five-star butlers. But, it’s also dirt cheap, rather cute, blessed with a huge pool and nearly overrun by the surrounding jungle. There’s a lot of bare cement (even the […]

X2 Samui

In short: Private pool villas you’ll never want to leave, and a quiet beach.Many of X2’s design elements scream modernism: The flat-roofed reception, the aggregate finish, bare cement, 4K restaurant’s wide-open spaces. But X2’s real success is its ability to break the minimalist mold and inject some human touches into its sleek design. Rooms feel […]

The Library

In short: A modernist’s wet dream on a busy beach. The Library is Samui’s modernist poster-child: White floors, cement structures, flat roof, open space and floor-to-ceiling windows. Aesthetically, it’s a huge success and has been featured in many glossy magazines. It also has some technological touches that should resonate with us urbanites, like Macs in […]

Uluwatu Gecko Inn

Uluwatu Gecko Inn has five rooms in its unusual and charming guesthouse.

Hard Rock Hotel Bali

For the party animals, Hard Rock Hotel Bali is a nice option since it’s conveniently located on Kuta beach, close to the bustling nightlife district. The huge main pool is impressive but if you get back at the hotel at 3am and need a swim, a small pool opens all night.

Oyster Bar | Fullerton Bay Hotel

Oyster Bar is a boutique European seafood bar featuring oysters, salmon and caviar, set to enhance the lifestyle and palates of those with an appetite for the finer things in life. Located next to the new Fullerton Bay Hotel, the Oyster Bar is an elegant standalone venue featuring full-length glass windows that overlook the Marina […]