The Sundays Resort

In short: Cheap, cute and surrounded by jungle.
Sundays was deserted when we last visited and we have to say the staff are more like family than five-star butlers. But, it’s also dirt cheap, rather cute, blessed with a huge pool and nearly overrun by the surrounding jungle. There’s a lot of bare cement (even the bathtubs are made of the stuff) but also enough natural touches to make the overall mood rather warm. The rooms don’t get a lot of privacy, though, so you can watch and be watched from your private deck.
Hot: For a budget option that doesn’t go for your standard resort look, Sundays does the job very well: A good place to hole up for three months and finish writing that novel.
Not: The 15-minute walk from the beach (and it’s not a very nice beach either).
$ Rooms $80-135 depending on the season.