Common cancels Mosaic gig

Hip hop artiste Common has cancelled his upcoming concert for this year’s Mosaic Music Festival 2011 on Mar 16.In a press statement, the Esplanade said: “Due to a change in his filming commitments, Common will not be able to play here. Common was looking forward to performing here and is keen to reschedule a performance […]

Hotel Michael

Art lovers would appreciate this gem of a hotel, a tribute to one of America’s greatest contemporary architects, Michael Graves. The designer lends his elegant, distinctive strokes to every aspect of this boutique hotel, from lamps to crockery, to lounge chair and carpet. Stepping into Hotel Michael is like entering an art gallery, with mural-adorned […]

Explore Novena & Balestier: Dining in Balestier

Just a few minutes’ walk or three bus stops away from Novena is Balestier Road and its offshoots like Kim Keat Road and Whampoa Drive—a busy thoroughfare with a treasure trove of experiences. Sure, it may lack Novena’s order and convenience, but it’s precisely in that unpredictable chaos that you’ll find its charms. Many old shophouses can be found here, alongside a multitude of famous old makan places, countless lighting shops (certainly a fixture here), furniture specialists and vintage retail shops that you simply must check out.