Explore Novena & Balestier: Other Things to do in Balestier

Balestier, being the “underground” hood that it is, offers far out things for you to do. A 10-piece live band from India plays fun renditions of Tamil and Bollywood hits at Jeanz Live (#01-17 Balestier Complex, 262 Balestier Rd., 6256-6569). This is where you can let your guard down and dance with reckless abandon. Or pop by KTV lounge and hostess bar Beauty Jade Bar (571 Balestier Rd.) and pay $20 or so for a special lady to chat with you over a beer or two (you’re paying for her drink too, naturally). They have a special promo now where a bottle of Japanese wine goes for $90.
If you got lucky at the clubs and there’s actually someone that you might want to know better, you can check into one of the budget hotels along Balestier Road. One of the classier ones is Aqueen Hotel Balestier (387 Balestier Rd., 6593-0999). Rates start at $120 for a double bed, complimentary in-room broadband and wireless access and a 32-inch LCD TV with cable channels.
All that leftfield entertaining might take a toll on you. Thankfully, Balestier is home to some value-for-money massage places. At Happy Feet Foot Reflexology Centre (#01-945 Blk. 86 Whampoa Dr., 6254-4688), you can indulge in a 60-minute full body massage for just $42 or a 30-minute shoulder massage for $22. Alternatively, opt for a 15-minute therapeutic Natural Ginger Foot Spa for just $10. For a dose of holistic healing, try Bo Ai Therapeutic (#01-324 Blk. 74 Whampoa Dr., 6255-5686), which specializes in treating knee pain and injuries. They also offer acupuncture and acupressure services, and foot therapy and stiff neck or shoulder ache treatments.
Stop by Lam Yeo Coffee Powder Factory (328 Balestier Rd.) for a slice of old Balestier and buy yourself some specialty coffee straight from Bali for $21 per kg. If you’re more of a tea person, check out Gan Cheng Chuan Kim Kee Tea Merchant (Blk. 81 Whampoa Dr.) for traditional biscuits and tea. Or you might fancy picking up an aluminium tea pot at the unnamed shop house on 379 Balestier Road or a birdcage from Ann Soon Hong Bird Shop (315 Balestier Rd.).
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