Le Chocolat Cafe

Located at the ground floor of The Club Hotel, the pastries and sandwiches here will certainly tantalize your taste buds. The Green Tea Opera Cake and Little Red Riding Hood are standouts.

Pho 99

This cramped little eatery is impossible to miss with its striking green exterior. We give their beef pho, which comes with thinly sliced beef and beef balls, the thumbs up.

Yummy Viet

Newly opened after a revamp of their decor, Yummy Viet continues to serve authentic Vietnamese dishes. The spicy beef pho has just the right amount of spiciness with a rather generous amount of beef slices in its aromatic beef stock. For light snacks, order the summer rolls or spring rolls.

Serendipity Patisserie

This stall might occupy a minimal area but it serves goodies galore. The good variety of generously‑sized muffins they offer is nothing short of tantalizing.

Lan Zhou La Mian

The main man in the store is the noodle chef, who is also Lan Zhou La Mian’s owner. Their signature minced pork with bean sauce noodle is defi nitely worth a try. The pan‑fried dumplings and handmade tofu—so crispy on the outside and soft on the inside—left us wanting more. Can’t get enough Chinese food? […]

Vanilla Bar & Cafe

This charming little café focuses on Japanese and Western fusion desserts and snacks. Their Vanilla Dirt Cake is one of the highlights on the menu, as are their English breakfast and sandwiches.

Urban Bites Mediterranean Cuisine

This homely and cozy restaurant dishes out authentic Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine from their traditional breakfast, foul moudamas—fava beans and chicpeas tossed with garlic, cumin, lemon juice and olive oil— to hot and cold mezzas served with pieces of Lebanese bread. They also have wraps, pastries, and seafood mains.

Taste Delights

From $3.50 for the daily soup to $18 for a fish head steamboat, the spread of local favorites such as mee goreng and claypot rice is certainly a delight with the office workers around the area. Some of the chef’s recommendations at Taste Delights include the tasty Kung Po chicken and prawn fritters.

Pura Vida

Nice food and a great ambiance are what sum up this diner that serves up familiar food at really affordable prices. Order yourself some good old fish and chips or a black pepper chicken steak while soaking in the atmosphere.

Ocean Curry Fish Head

This place gets maddeningly crowded during office lunch hours. Even on scorching days, you’ll find this stuffy non‑air‑conditioned eatery packed with hungry corporate types.