Whiteroom is run by fashion designer Arthua Chua and :Phunk Studio’s Melvyn Lim. After a refurbishment three months ago, the store now boasts Chua’s smart, preppy in-house label, Drifters, as well as bits from his private collection of shirts, shoes, bags and aviators that he’s put up for sale.


Blackmarket are also pushing the indie style envelope. What started out as a design agency and fashion boutique has since evolved into a full-fledged style haven for the young and restless. Owners Jasmine Tuan and Quincy Teofisto update the store’s collection with local and emerging Asian labels like Sundays, Elohim, Yuyumu and Danjyo Hiyoji, which […]


Belief is the place to go to if you’re looking to stay ahead of the runway. Specializing in mainly Japanese brands, the store was set up to cater to a niche crowd of trendsetters who are “not simply buying into trends and what they read in magazines,” says owner Roy Lim.

Junkie’s Corner

Possibly even more obscure is Junkie’s Corner, located in the East near Kembangan MRT. Owner Charlie has filled this 4,500-sq-foot (you heard us right) converted neighborhood terrace house with a veritable selection of used antique furniture, artworks, toys and signboards. Never mind that the place is a little dusty and haphazard (even a tad difficult […]

The Heritage Shop

Partly due to the fact that it’s located on the more obscure Jalan Sultan, a 10-minute walk from popular stretch Haji Lane, this typically quiet 900-sq-foot store is replete with rare old lamps, typewriters, vinyls, signboards, radios, books, photographs, postcards and tin cans—mostly from the 30s through the 70s.

Coffee To Go

Occupying a glass-fronted space on the second floor of an otherwise decrepit shopping center, The Steeping Room (#02-30, 261 Waterloo St., 9655-0357) is the latest and — in our humble opinion — greatest addition to the city’s pop-up scene. It’s also reflective of our favorite trend – better and better coffee becoming available in Singapore.Looking like an […]

Sling Conceptual Dining

The buzz: Thanks to the folks who brought you Gem Bar & Lounge and shots (the latter a café built for coffee addicts and photography buffs who’ll appreciate the photo art on the walls), we now have Sling. Just over two months old, it’s the newest addition to the group and a full-fledged restaurant.The vibe: […]

Piedra Negra | Review

If you think it’s a struggle to find tasty Mexican food in Singapore that’s not woefully over-priced, take heart. After a recent visit to this colorful joint (opened by the owners of the popular Blu Jaz), our faith in the local dining scene was somewhat restored. The laidback space is a kaleidoscope of different colors, […]

Joo Hing Restaurant

It really seems like Katong and Joo Chiat are where all things cool in the east are happening, with new food spots such as Fatboy’s the Burger Bar, Mookata, Malacca Celup and Pavé—not to mention five-star Tonny Restaurant—sprouting up over the last year. Just down the road from Tonny’s place, Joo Hing isn’t one of […]