Free Will Astrology, Week of October 7, 2011

LIBRA (Sep 23-Oct 22): The Jet Propulsion Laboratory landed two robotic vehicles on Mars in 2004. They were expected to explore the planet and send back information for 90 days. But the rover named Spirit kept working for over six years, and its companion, Opportunity, is still operational….

Mr KIA Oct 7

Dear Mr. KIA,
I used to be quite the looker in my younger days but after years in a desk-bound job and far too many fast-food meals, I’ve become a little rotund. I’ve tried dieting and exercising, but it’s just not something I can commit to right now. I’m sick of old, oversized T-shirts! Where can I find clothes that will help me feel sexy again? —Big in Bishan

The Disgruntled Office

Dear Linkedln, We the United Coalition of Petty-Minded, Gossip-Mongering Workers of Singapore wish to register our displeasure at your recent study which claims to have found that Singaporeans are among the world’s worst office gripers.

Billy Bombers

Ah, the All-American diner. Where nostalgia is annexed for corporate gains, where milkshakes never taste as good as they look. But still, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t secretly rather like this kind of place; and Billy Bombers’ 17 years in the business (they have anniversary specials on right now) is proof that they’re […]