Interview: Anita Kapoor

The talented TV host, writer and MC-for-hire talks to Terry Ong about her life and philosophies beyond the limelight.

Interview: Vito de Luca aka Aeroplane

Following the success of his debut dance album We Can’t Fly in 2010, the funky Vito De Luca a.k.a. Aeroplane is in demand for his always groovy French House and Balearic music drops that have moved the floors from Europe to the US, and now Asia. He takes five with Terry Ong.

Interview: Heritage

One of the best rock and blues bands in town, Heritage has been rocking the scene since the release of their debut 1979 self-produced album. Ahead of their gig at Esplanade, Charles Chia catches up with the band.

Brasserie Gavroche

This old-school French brasserie is the real deal with its classic menu and French cafe decor.

Eco Gourmet Cafe

Our recent visit started out well—the place is gorgeous. Set against a backdrop of Nature’s finest in the evening, this entirely open-air restaurant has a rural monastery feel to it (be prepared for hungry mozzies), thanks to all-in-black waitstaff wearing slippers, loads of wood and bamboo, and bell-shaped lantern-like lampshades hanging from the ceiling which […]

Wok & Barrel

Who would’ve thunk that a bistro serving up modern Singaporean fare in the so-hip-it-hurts Duxton neighborhood would work, but this one does. There is a palpable shortage of mid-range Singaporean dining establishments that aren’t hawker stalls, tze char eateries or seafood specialists, and chef-owner Shen Tan’s Wok & Barrel fills that glaring void. That said, […]

A Better Tomorrow

Let’s start planning now. Because if 11½ months from now we have to slog through another season of tedious, tepid, yawn-inducing “What a year it was!” roundups, we swear we’re going to find a cave somewhere in MacRitchie Reservoir, crawl in, and never come back out.