The Butter Factory’s Closing Weekend

Spend one last hurrah with the club’s two-day blowout goodbye party. Friday sees DJ Andrew T and DJ Tang spinning house and hip hop tracks, while Saturday’s “The Last Dance” has the two DJs return with MC Mr Boo, Dave Does, Shawn Livewire and Joshua P.  Cover charges: Jan 2: $30-35 Jan 3: $40; $15 […]

SG Tipsy Trivia: January 2015 Edition

SG Trivia’s back for the latest edition of tipsy trivia nights. Any topic is fair game. Set up a team of no more than six and get those brain juices flowing. The top prize wins 50% of the pot, while the second wins 30% of the pot. And even if you’ve missed the cut-off for […]

Heart of Community: A Masterclass with Love Difference

This interactive two-and-half day workshop brings Italian artist collective Love Difference to show the methodology for community-based public art. Filippo Fabbrica leads the masterclass designed to kickstart community work and includes pointers on creating successful narratives, responsibilities and sustainability of any given project.

Poeme Symphonique for 110 Metronomes

One day in 1962, Hungarian composer György Ligeti got the bright idea to compose a symphony for 100 metronomes. The musical tempo keepers are wound to the max and set to different speeds to create different rhythmic patterns and something that resembles a field of grass. This time, the CFA Music Groups reinterpret the piece […]